Ask Crystal River why they sing southern gospel music and here’s what they’ll tell you:

“Well, the main reason is because we’ve been born again! For us, southern gospel music more than any other style, encourages us and helps us to stay focused on our relationship with God. Its message is simple and straightforward: God loves us… He forgives our sins… salvation is through Christ alone… peace, joy and eternal life are His free gifts to those who trust Him. That’s the message that changed each of our lives, and we believe it’s the only message that can still change lives today!”

Mike handles the lead and doubles as our ‘bus driver’ as we travel. He and his wife Lynette have been happily married for over 30 years and have two sons, Brandon and Joey. They make their home in Eastaboga, AL and attend Lakeview Baptist Church. In his spare time, Mike enjoys relaxing by the pool and beating Keith at golf.

Heather does a great job with the alto part for Crystal River. Hailing from Alexandria, AL, she attends Hill Crest Baptist where she sings in the choir. There she also takes an active role in the Choice Of A Lifetime drama team. When not at work as a Daycare Teacher, Heather likes spending time with family, drawing and photography.

Keith sings baritone for the group. He also takes care of the sound equipment and acts as the contact for the group. His wife Christie, bless her heart, has been patient enough to put up with him for over 30 years now. They live in Oxford and have two boys, Ryan and Cory, and are also members of Lakeview Baptist Church. Keith’s hobbies include reading, baseball and watching old movies (boring!).